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Contains photos of actual murder and death, please view responsibly.

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     The body of Paul "Big Paulie" Castellano, boss of the Gambino family lying outside of Sparks Steak House on New York's East 46th Street, on December 16,1985.

     Jimmy Hoffa and Babe Triscaro, his connection to the Cleveland Mafia.

     Tony Accardo, AKA "Joe Batters" and "Big Tuna." Said by many to be the most respected and feared boss of the Chicago "Outfit" thoughout his criminal career from the 1920s as a member of the Capone gang till his death in 1992.

     Carmine Persico, AKA "Junior" and "The Snake." The violent, dangerous one time leader of the Colombo crime family. In 1986 he was convicted with others in the Commission Trial and sentenced to life. Persico remains in federal prison.

     Carlo Gambino, a longtime powerful Mafioso who, in 1957 after the murder of Albert Anastasia, took over the crime family that still bears his name. Died 1976 in Long Island of a heart attack.

     Leo "Lips" Moceri, feared Cleveland underboss murdered in 1976 by John Nardi & Danny Greene.

     Paul Castellano: AKA "Big Paul." The brother in law and cousin of Carlo Gambino who took over the crime family in 1976 when Gambino died. His being named boss caused a split in the family between those members loyal to Castellano and those loyal to underboss Aniello Dellacroce. When Dellacroce died in 1985, John J. Gotti Sr., seizing the opportunity, killed Castellano on Dec. 16th, 1985 to become boss.


     Overhead shot of Danny Greene bombing murder scene in Cleveland, 1977. Greene's body is visible in the center of the photo, just under the bomb car, which was blown up by remote control as Greene was getting into his Lincoln.

     John J. Gotti, Sr., AKA Johnny Boy, Dapper Don, Teflon Don. Born 1940. One of the most publicized criminals since Al Capone. In 1985, with the death of his mentor Aniello "Neil" Dellacroce, Gotti, who by many accounts was a street thug and bully, ordered his crew to kill Paul Castellano. Gotti's reign as boss from 1986 to his life sentence in 1992 has been a disaster for the Gambino family. Gotti is attemptng to hold on to what remains of the family thru his son John A Gotti Jr.

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     Page 4

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