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Celebrating Over 10 Years Online!

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Rick Porrello, Feature Articles 6
Danny Greene: The Most Influential Mobster You've Never Heard Of

The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia the Preface

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Inside Vegas by Steve Miller
12-22-14 ~ INSIDE VEGAS
Feature Articles

  • The Godfather, the paragon of the Hollywood industry, is the obvious example of thoughtful mob film production.
    - Mike La Sorte, Professor Emeritus

    * * *
    Murder Inc.
  •    Murder Inc.
    Mysteries of the Mob’s Most Deadly Hit Squad
    Excerpt taken from Chapter 9 - Disappearing Acts.

  • - Christian Cipollini,

    * * *

  • Selling protection is at the core of any mafia-type phenomenon. Mafia insurance is for life.
    - Mike La Sorte, Professor Emeritus

    * * *
    What Happened In Sayreville?
  •    What Happened In Sayreville?
    Today, almost overnight, Sayreville is to be found in newspapers around the world, regarding a scandal involving it’s High School football team.

  • - J. R. de Szigethy,

    * * *
    The Fascinating Final Years of
    Al Capone
  •    The Fascinating Final Years of Al Capone

  • Capone is often romanticized as America’s greatest gangster, however there is nothing romantic or glamorous about the realities of the life the man lived.
    - Emma Stevens

    * * *
    Omertá and Solidarity
  •    Omertá and Solidarity

  • To rat-out someone is a sin from which there is no escape. Today that code is in tatters.
    - Mike La Sorte, Professor Emeritus

    * * *
    The Drug Trade and
    the Demise of the American Mafia
  •    The Drug Trade and the Demise of the American Mafia

  • By the 1960s, the FBN had a massive database of mobsters that would be the start of the end for the mafia and the drugs trade.
    - Emma Stevens

    * * *
    At Long Last:
    The Conviction of Whitey Bulger
    Part Two
  •    At Long Last: The Conviction of Whitey Bulger
    Part Two: Bulger Trial’s Troubled Anniversary

  • - J. R. de Szigethy,

    * * *
    South Of The Border
  •    Narcotraffickers South Of The Border

  • An estimated sixty-two percent of the Mexican economy is tied up with drug money.
    - Mike La Sorte, Professor Emeritus

    * * *
    The Popular Mafia
  •    The Popular Mafia

  • Mafia! Its mere utterance strikes fear in the heart of the average law-abiding citizen.
    - Mike La Sorte, Professor Emeritus

    * * *
    Part Two
  •    Framed!
    Part Two: The Saga of Ken Littleton

  • Is Kenneth Littleton a dangerous murderer, or a man falsely accused for the benefit of others?
    - J. R. de Szigethy,

    * * *
  •    Vendetta

  • Vendetta is a primordial form of justice, an action necessary to reestablish a lost equilibrium.
    - Mike La Sorte, Professor Emeritus

    * * *
    License To Steal:
    "The Goodfellas Trial"
  •    License To Steal: "The Goodfellas Trial"

  • "These 'Goodfellas' thought they had a license to steal, a license to kill, and a license to do whatever they wanted!," stated FBI official George Venizelos, in announcing the arrests of 5 members of the Bonanno Mafia Family.
    - J. R. de Szigethy,

    * * *
    Mafia As Metaphor
  •    Mafia As Metaphor

  • Make believe mobsters are pathetic caricatures of the real thing. The impact of such portrayals comforts the gun lobby and has a corroding influence on the body politic.
    - Mike La Sorte, Professor Emeritus

    * * *
  •    Vanished: The Life and Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

  • This is an excerpt from the new book, Vanished: The Life and Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, by William Hyrb. and is available from, and other publishing outlets..
    - William Hyrb

    * * *
    Italy's Mafias
  •    Italy's Mafias

  • It is one of gaining influence in community affairs; alliances and collaborations with state functionaries; infiltrating segments of the society and gaining support and protection of certain enabling segments of the population.
    - Mike La Sorte, Professor Emeritus

    * * *
    Who Killed President Kennedy?
  •    Who Killed President Kennedy?

  • A Special Report on the 50th Anniversary of the “Crime of the Century!”
    - J. R. de Szigethy,

    * * *
    Favela Drug Trafficking
  •    Favela Drug Trafficking

  • Brazilian-Portuguese name given to a hill near Brazil's Rio de Janeiro where shanty towns were first built.
    - Mike La Sorte, Professor Emeritus

    * * *
    Crimetown U.S.A.
  •    Crimetown U.S.A.

  • Why Youngstown?
    In Crimetown U.S.A., is a narrative of organized crime in Youngstown, Ohio and the surrounding Mahoning Valley during the years 1933 to 1963. It begins with the Valley's participation in the Midwest Crime Wave of 1933-34, describing the demise of the legendary bank robber “Pretty Boy” Floyd. This is followed by the demise of one of the Valley’s own in the brutal slaying of “Happy” Marino, which also happens to be one of the Valley’s few gangland murders in which all the participants were tried, convicted and sent to prison.
    - Allan R. May

    * * *
    At Long Last:
    The Conviction Of
    Whitey Bulger
  •    At Long Last: The Conviction Of Whitey Bulger

  • One of the most dangerous and brutal criminals to have ever worked for the FBI, Boston Mob Boss James "Whitey" Bulger, has finally been convicted for the drug trafficking and murders he directed during his reign of terror dating back to the 1970s.
    - J. R. de Szigethy,

    * * *
    A Hit Man's Personal Affects
  •    A Hit Man's Personal Affects

  • This is an excerpt from the new book, Diary of a Motor City Hit Man: The Chester Wheeler Campbell Story, by Christian Cipollini. Taken from Chapter 4 - Inventory of a Hit Man and is available from, and other publishing outlets..
    - Christian Cipollini

    * * *
    Politicians and Mobsters: Russia
  •    Politicians and Mobsters: Russia

  • The Russian Mafiya did not emerge as a result of the 1991 collapse of the communist state. It was present, as were other Russian mobs. They existed before and were a consequence of the unique characteristics of the Soviet system.
    - Mike La Sorte, Professor Emeritus

    * * *
    Deal With the Devil
  •    Deal With the Devil

  • The FBI's Thirty-Year Relationship With a Mafia Killer
    In Deal with the Devil, five-time Emmy winning investigative reporter Peter Lance draws on three decades of once secret FBI files—and exclusive new interviews—to tell the definitive story of Gregory Scarpa Sr., aka "The Grim Reaper;" a Mafia capo, who "stopped counting" after 50 murders, while secretly betraying the Colombo crime family as a Top Echelon Criminal Informant for the Bureau.
    - Peter Lance

    * * *
    Black Caesar
  •    Black Caesar: The Rise and Disappearance of America's Biggest Kingpin

  • This is an excerpt from the new book, Black Caesar: The Rise and Disappearance of America's Biggest Kingpin, by Ron Chepesiuk. The book is published by Strategic Media Books ( and is available from the web site, and other publishing outlets.
    - Ron Chepesiuk

    * * *
    Whitecollar Racketeering
  •    Whitecollar Racketeering

  • A closer look at the complete phenomenon of racketeering reveals greater complexity and scope, particularly in the inclusion of persons, businesses and corporations that function in the legitimate economy yet dip into criminality if not most of the time certain when the occasion warrants.
    - Mike La Sorte, Professor Emeritus

    * * *
    Gangsters of Boston
  •    Gangsters of Boston

  • This is an excerpt from George Hassett's just released (Link to Amazon)Gangsters of Boston, which is published by Strategic Media Books
    - George Hassett

    * * *
    Being Oscar
  •    Being Oscar

  • From Mob Lawyer to Mayor of Las Vegas - Only in America
    Oscar Goodman spent more than 30 years defending some of the most notorious mobsters in America. Now he's written a book - Being Oscar - in which he talks about all that and more, much more.
    - George Anastasia

    * * *
    from your host
    Rick Porrello

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